Breach doc: Creating Systems

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Breach has been designed initially for the analysis of parametrized systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), with some functionnalities to handle hybrid systems as well. Afterward, it was extended to handle other types of systems, from black-box systems, for which only traces are provided to systems using a different simulation engine, e.g. Simulink.

The system, usually stored in a Matlab structure called Sys is the primary object in Breach framework. It stores :

  • A cell of strings representing a set of symbolic variables of two different types:
    • signals: variables that can vary over time - they represent the observable dynamics of the system
    • parameters: variables that are constant over time but affect the behaviors of signals - they can be initial conditions or parameters if the system dynamics is governed by ordinary differential equations, which is case by default in Breach.
  • A numerical vector p of nominal parameter values
  • A field type identifying the simulation engine to be used

Depending on its type, the method to set up a new system differs. The following pages details the different methods: