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images/alex-4.jpg Short bio: I am currently a post-doctoral faculty at the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of UC Berkeley, working under the supervision of Sanjit Seshia. Until February 2012, I was working at Verimag in Grenoble, with Oded Maler. This is also where and with whom, in co-supervision with Thao Dang, I did my thesis in 2007. From oct. 2007 to oct. 2008, I was a a post-doctoral faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, working with Edmund M. Clarke and Bruce H. Krogh. In June 2009, I worked in collaboration with the TIMC laboratory, in particular with Eric Fanchon and Philippe Tracqui.

Here is an updated CV.

Research: The main goal of my research is to develop mathematical and computational tools for the analysis and the design of complex dynamical systems arising from different domains, in particular cyber-physical or embedded systems (or software interacting with a physical environment), biological systems, mixed signal circuits. You can look at my publications to get more details on my research.

Contact Information: in Plain Text can be found here.


Please consider submitting papers to:

  • SynCoP2014: 1st International Workshop on Synthesis of Continuous Parameters
  • ARCH14: 1st International Workshop Applied Verification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems
  • CyPhy 2014: Fourth Workshop on Design, Modeling and Evaluation of Cyber Physical Systems

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