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Short bio: I am currently a research scientist at the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of UC Berkeley, working in the group of Sanjit Seshia. In 2007, I graduated from Grenoble University with a Ph.D in Computer Science and Mathematics on simulation-based verification of hybrid systems, under the supervision of Oded Maler and Thao Dang at Verimag. In 2007-2008, I was a post-doctoral faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, working with Edmund M. Clarke and Bruce H. Krogh on the verification of control systems. Most notably, I worked on statistical Model Checking and systematic testing/simulation of Simulink models using sensitivity or uncertainty analysis. Back to Verimag in 2009, I started a collaboration with TIMC laboratory, most notably with Eric Fanchon on the topic of formal methods applied to systems biology. I also largely contributed to the development and use of Signal Temporal Logic (STL), a formal specification language adapted to hybrid systems which include Cyber-physical (embedded) systems, circuits, biological systems, etc.

I joined UC Berkeley in March 2012. My more recent work there concerns specification mining for CPS, which was successfully applied in an industrial context in a collaboration with Toyota and the development of an autograding system for CPS MOOC on edX. The latter is informally described on National Instruments' web site.

Here is an updated CV.

Research: The main goal of my research is to develop mathematical and computational tools for the analysis and the design of complex dynamical systems arising from different domains, in particular cyber-physical or embedded systems (or software interacting with a physical environment), biological systems, mixed signal circuits. You can look at my publications to get more details on my research.

Contact Information: in Plain Text can be found here.


CPSGrader version 0.1 has been released!

Please consider submitting papers to:

  • SynCoP'15: 2d International Workshop on Synthesis of Continuous Parameters
  • RV'15: 15th International Conference on Runtime Verification