Mathematical Programming I, 2011.08--2011.12
Computational Optimization, 2011.01--2011.05
Design of Embedded Systems: Models, Validation and Synthesis, 2010.08--2010.12
Architecting Parallel Software Using Patterns, 2010.01--2010.05
Advanced Numerical Simulation and Modelling, 2010.01--2010.05
Statistical Learning Theory, 2009.08--2009.12
Computer-Aided Verification, 2009.08--2009.12
Numerical Simulation, 2009.08--2009.12

Graph Algorithms and Their Applications in Bioinformatics*, 圖形演算法及生物資訊應用, 2009.02--2009.06
Geometric Computing and Visualization, 視覺化幾何計算, 2006.02--2006.06
Computational Complexity, 資訊工程理論基礎, 2005.09--2006.01
Special Topics on Graph Algorithms, 圖形演算法特論, 2005.02--2005.06
Online Algorithms and Competitive Analysis, 線上演算法與競爭性分析, 2004.09--2005.01
Randomized Algorithms, 隨機演算法, 2004.02--2004.06
Algorithms for Bioinformatics, 生物資訊相關演算法, 2003.09--2004.01
Formal Languages and Automata Theory, 自動機與形式語言, 2003.09--2004.01
Data Structures and Algorithms, 資料結構與演算法, 2002.09--2003.06
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing, 自然語言處理, 2004.09--2005.01
Statistical Learning Theory, 統計學習理論, 2003.09--2004.01
Artificial Intelligence, 人工智慧, 2003.02--2003.06
Electronic Design Automation
Logic Synthesis and Verification, 邏輯合成與驗證, 2005.09--2006.01
VLSI Testing, 積體電路測試, 2005.09--2006.01
Physical Design for Nanometer ICs, 奈米積體電路實體設計, 2005.02--2005.06
Logic Design/Circuit Design
Computer-Aided VLSI System Design, 電腦輔助積體電路系統設計, 2006.02--2006.06
VLSI Design, 積體電路設計, 2005.02--2005.06
Computer Architecture, 計算機結構, 2004.02--2004.06
Computer System Laboratory, 計算機系統實驗, 2004.02--2004.06
Digital Circuit Laboratory, 數位電路實驗, 2003.09--2004.01
Logic System Design, 數位系統設計, 2003.09--2004.01
Numerical Methods*, 數值方法, 2009.02--2009.06
Nonlinear Programming, 非線性規劃, 2006.02--2006.06
Matrix Computations, 矩陣計算, 2003.02--2003.06
Probability, 機率, 2003.02--2003.06
Discrete Mathematics, 離散數學, 2002.09--2003.01
Linear Algebra, 線性代數, 2002.09--2003.01
Differential Equation, 微分方程, 2002.09--2003.01
Calculus, 微積分甲, 2001.09--2002.06
Digital Speech Processing, 數位語音處理, 2005.02--2005.06
Performance Modeling, 系統效能評估, 2004.09--2005.01
Pattern Analysis and Classification, 圖形分析辨認, 2004.02--2004.06
Computer Networks, 計算機網路, 2004.02--2004.06
Computer Vision (I), 電腦視覺一, 2003.09--2004.01
Digital Electronics, 數位電子學, 2002.03--2003.06
Physics, 普通物理學甲, 2001.09--2002.06
Compiler Design, 編譯程式設計, 2004.03--2004.06
Systems Programming, 系統程式, 2003.03--2003.06
Computer Organization and Assembly Languages, 計算機組織與組合語言, 2002.09--2003.01
Object-Oriented Software Design, 物件導向程式設計, 2002.02--2002.06
Introduction to Computer Programming, 計算機程式設計, 2001.09--2002.01
Database Systems, 資料庫系統, 2004.09--2005.01
Operating Systems, 作業系統, 2003.09--2004.01
Electronic Commerce Systems, 電子商務系統, 2003.02--2003.06
Information Systems, 資訊系統原理, 2002.02--2002.06
Introduction to Computer, 計算機概論, 2001.09--2002.01
* Non-Credit-Earning