Some code snippets 
  ADMM DECODE - fast decoding of error correcting codes by linear programming
          w/ Xishuo Liu, Siddharth Barman, and Stark Draper
[C code] [report]
  HOTTOPIXX - fast, parallel non-negative matrix factorization via linear programming
          w/ Victor Bittorf, Chris Re, and Joel Tropp
[C code] [report]
  HOGWILD! - lock-free, parallel stochastic gradient descent
          w/ Chris Re, Steve Wright, Feng Niu
[C code] [report]
  JELLYFISH - parallel code for matrix factorizations
          w/ Chris Re
[C code] [report]
  GROUSE - stochastic gradient code for subspace tracking.
This particular code runs a column-wise matrix completion demo.
          w/ Laura Balzano
[Matlab code] [report]
  RANDOM KITCHEN SINKS - code for generating random features for large scale learning problems.
          w/ Ali Rahimi
[Matlab code] [report]