Date Topic Discussion Leaders Practice Sessions Reading & Assignments*
1/23 Organization
1/30 Learning Styles
Richard Xia
Tae Hoon Kim
Aminy Ostfeld
Kevin Klues
Michael Driscoll

Learning Styles

HW 1 (due 1/30)

2/6 Active Learning
Roger Chen
Karen Grutter
Kar Wei Ng
Prashanth Mohan
Bor-Yiing Su
Matthew Chan

Active Learning Video

HW 2 (due 2/13)

2/13 Questions?
Rohin Shah
Andrew Chan
Ben Lickly
Michael Zimmer
Dave Moore
Yun Jae Cho

Any Questions?

HW 3 (due 2/27)

2/20No class
2/27 Students
Mehdi Massoumy / Nuzzo Pierluigi
Jason Reid
Lee-Huang Chen
Dong Jin Hyun / David Heilbrunn
Nuo Xu
Fabien Goericke
Resistance & Failure
3/5 Outcomes
Kartik Ganaplthi
Nicholas Corso
Shicong Yang
Tae Joon Seok
Michael McKinly
Juan Argote
Teach Anything
3/19 Assessment
Wayne Tung
Stephen McKinley
Ryan Going
Wen Li
Eung Seok Park / Igor Izyumin
Aikaterini Papadopoulou
Quiz Design

* Assignments are due on the date to the left at the beginning of class.