EE 25: What Electrical Engineers Do - Feedback from recent Graduates

A Berkeley EECS degree opens the door to many opportunities, but what exactly are they? Graduation is only a few years away and it’s not too early to find out. In this seminar you will hear from practicing engineers who recently graduated. What are they working on? Are they working in a team? How does their education help them on their job? What do they wish they had learned better? How did they find their job? Tips for interviews? If they went to graduate school, how did they prepare their application? Each week a different guest speaker will talk about his or her experiences and give you a chance to ask questions so you will be ready after graduation.

"I applaud your initiative to take on this effort. Now that I'm in the industry I recognize how unfortunate it is for some students to be naive in regards to what their day might look like after they graduate and start working. I was fortunate to do a few Summer internships while in college but that doesn't seem to be the case for everyone." Bernardo de Seabra, EECS alumnus

Format: Wednesdays 11-noon in 540a Cory Hall (note room change!), 1 unit P/NP
Requirements: attendance & active participation (max two absences to pass)
Perk: invitation to lunch with a speaker (signup)
Instructor: Prof. Bernhard Boser,

Date Speaker
8/31 Overview and Organization
9/7 Jeff Jensen, National Instruments
9/14 Michael Wang, LSI Corporation
9/21 Michael Le, UCSF
9/28 Donovan Sung, YouTube
10/5 Andrew Mairena, Solyndra
10/12 Marie-Ange Eyoum, Intel
10/19 Mehdi Abderezai, FLIR vision systems
10/26 Lauren Jones, Intel
11/2 Barak Michener, Google
11/9 Rikky Muller, UCB
11/16 Vik Singh, Sutter Hill Ventures
11/23 no seminar
11/30 Diane Ko, Intuit