I believe that modern digital designers must have broad knowledge of the entire design stack, from devices to software. My research interests include low-power digital design and efficient energy modeling to inform architectural design space exploration.

I am working on the Raven project for energy-efficient multicore mobile processors with fine-grained DVFS. We taped out a chip in 28nm FD-SOI last September.

I am working to develop better layout algorithms for DREAMER, an efficient fabric for digital hardware emulation.

I am working with several students in the ASPIRE Lab to develop a better power model for SoCs.

I helped to design an LPDDR2 memory controller.

I am a user and proponent of Chisel, a new hardware description language developed here at Berkeley.


In Fall 2013, I was the sole GSI for Computer Science 250, VLSI Systems Design. I completely redesigned the course labs to better align the course with the ASPIRE hardware vision.

I taught two years of Algebra II at Cesar Chavez High School in Washington, DC.


I grew up in New England and studied engineering at Harvey Mudd College , a small, highly-rated technical school in Southern California (I was advised by David Money Harris). I enjoy hiking, politics, and board games that are too long.

Most of my salary is paid by the federal government . Thanks, American readers, for your support.

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