Research Group

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Current Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

Eric Kim Portrait 

Eric Kim (eskim@eecs.)
PhD student (co-advised with Sanjit Seshia)
Research interests: Control theory, verification and synthesis, design tools

Justin Hsia Portrait 

Justin Hsia (jhsia@eecs.)
Postdoctoral Researcher
PhD: Berkeley, 2015
Research interests: Biological networks

John Maidens Portrait 

John Maidens (maidens@eecs.)
PhD student
Research interests: Control theory, optimization, medical imaging

Chris Meissen Portrait 

Chris Meissen (cmeissen@)
PhD student (Primary advisor: Andy Packard)
Research interests: Control theory, distributed systems, convex optimization

Ana S. Rufino Ferreira Portrait 

Ana S. Rufino Ferreira (ana@eecs.)
PhD student
Research interests: Control theory, nonlinear and stochastic systems, structure analysis for biological systems

Former Students

Sam Coogan, PhD, 2015
Assistant Professor, UCLA

Jonathan Tu, Postdoctoral Researcher (2013-2015)
Signatures Department, Naval Sea Systems Command

Yusef Shafi, PhD, 2014
Data Scientist, Nest/Google

Erin Summers, PhD, 2012, co-advised with Andy Packard
Engineer, Facebook

Jansen Sheng, MS, 2011
QA Engineer, Redfin


Jan Maximilian Montenbruck, January–April, 2015
University of Stuttgart

Jeffrey Wang, May–August, 2013
Harvard University

Laura Ferranti, June–September, 2012
University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Katia Nepom, June–August, 2012
University of Washington

Christopher Mayhew, 2009–2010
University of California, Santa Barbara