Murat Arcak 

Murat Arcak

Office: 569 Cory Hall
Telephone: 642-4804
Email: arcak@eecs*


Control systems are becoming larger, distributed, and networked. At the same time system theoretic concepts are finding nontraditional applications in natural and engineered networks with large scale and complex dynamics. My research group addresses the increasing size and complexity with scalable analytical and computational techniques. The approach that underlies most of our work is: (1) to derive system level guarantees from appropriate abstractions of the components with a bottom-up compositional approach, (2) to identify and exploit key structural system properties that enable computational simplifications. We uncover such properties in diverse application areas, from synthetic biology to vehicle traffic networks, and generalize them to broader classes of systems.

Recent research talks

“Formal Synthesis for Traffic Control” (PDF). Invited talk at IPAM Traffic Control Workshop at UCLA, 2015.

“Pattern Formation and Synchronization in Biology” (PDF). Plenary talk at IFAC CHAOS 2015.

Class notes

Signals and Systems (EE 120), Fall 2015 (PDF).


  • National Science Foundation

  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research

  • National Institutes of Health

  • Office of Naval Research