Animesh Garg

Graduate Student
Operations Research,
UC, Berkeley.

Automation Lab with
Ken Goldberg and
Pieter Abbeel.

That is me at Lake Tahoe

Recently completed and in-progress projects.

For a list of papers, go to Publications page.

Recently I have been working on implementing semi-autonomous solutions for improving brachytherapy quality and reduce dependence on physician skill.

  • Brachytherapy — Cancer Treatment with Internal Radiation Therapy

    Brachytherapy is widely used treatment technique for a number of cancer types, namely prostate, gynaecological, oral etc. However it also accompanies a number of side effects as a result of current clinical practice.

    I am exploring shortcomings current methods of treatment planning, procedure and dose delivery techniques. I aim to address these by leveraging advances in robotics, needle steering and rapid prototyping (3D printing).

    In TASE-2013 paper, we have studied use of robot assisted needle implants to improve overall quality of prostate brachytherapy and also as a step towards de-skilling the process. We devised and demonstrated an end-to-end robot assisted brachytherapy treatment delivery system using automated dose and needle planners. Also refer CASE-2012

    More recently we have extended the use of 3D printing in customised implants for brachtherapy procedures in gynaecoloical cancers. Details in CASE-2013 paper.


  • Learning from Expert Demonstrations for Surgical Robotics

    Surgical tasks,whether robotic or manual, are hard and often long. However automation of frequently repeated sub-tasks in a procedure would improve treatment quality by reducing surgeon fatigue and delegating the repetitive tasks to intelligent systems.

    I am currently studying semi-supervised optimization frameworks for identification of these motions, and performing robust reconstruction of the required trajectories in a changed environment than observed before.

    The same techniques would in principle be applicable to other high skill tasks like cooking.


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