Animesh Garg

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Ph.D. Candidate
Automation Lab
Operations Research
Computer Science
UC, Berkeley

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I am a Ph.D candidate in Robotics and AI at University of California, Berkeley since 2011.
My home department is Operations Research, and I am also pursuing an MS in Computer Science.

I am working at the Berkeley Lab for Automation Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley where I am being advised by Ken Goldberg.
I also work closely with Pieter Abbeel and Alper Atamturk. Complete list of collaborators.

Research Interests: Optimization (Mixed Integer, Non linear), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence in Robotics & Healthcare Applications.

Primarily, I work in radiation treatment planning and delivery for cancer. We design optimization algorithms for creating clinically safe radiation dose distributions and devise novel delivery methods leveraging Custom 3D printed implants and medical robotics.

One of my long term goal would be to make robots as easy to program and operate as a car. And, I am working on skill learning with applications to surgical robotics.

Recent Research

Recently I have been working on implementing semi-autonomous solutions for improving brachytherapy quality and reduce dependence on physician skill.

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