EconCS Fall 2013

We meet on Tuesdays at 12:30 during the Fall 2013 semester, in 531 Cory Hall (the Wang Room).

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If you would like to speak, please contact the organizers: {alexpsomi,aviad}

The Econ-CS lunch is sponsored by Yahoo! Labs !!

Dec 3 | Inbal Talgam Cohen (Stanford) on Interdependent Values and Robustness in Optimal and Near-Optimal Mechanism Design.  

Nov 26 | Bill Zame (UCLA) on Learning Through Actions.  

Nov 19 | Hal Varian(Google) on What machine learning and econometrics can learn from each other. ( video )  

Nov 12 | Vasilis Gkatzelis(Stanford) on Mechanism Design for Fair Division.  

Nov 5 | Christos Papadimitriou(UC Berkeley) on Some complexity conjectures between P and NP.  

Oct 29 | No talk. Overlap with FOCS.

Oct 22 | Paul Dütting(Stanford) on Expressiveness and Robustness of First-Price Position Auctions.  

Oct 15 | Bo Cowgill(UC Berkeley) on Corporate Prediction Markets: Evidence from Google, Ford, and [Acme] Industries.  

Oct 8 | Vijay Kamble(UC Berkeley) on Dynamic Relevance Maximization in Online Advertisement with User Feedback.  

Oct 1 | Aviad Rubinstein (UC Berkeley) on Intractability of Course Match.  

Sep 24 | Ron Lavi on Conditional Equilibrium Outcomes via Ascending Price Processes with Applications to Combinatorial Auctions with Item Bidding.   [ paper ] 

Sep 17 | Yang Cai (UC Berkeley) on Algorithmic Multi-Dimensional Mechanism Design.