Aditya Devarakonda

   PhD Student
   Computer Science
   University of California, Berkeley

   Contact Information:
   aditya at eecs dot berkeley dot edu
   584F Soda Hall (Aspire Lab)

   Office Hours: WF 2-3pm
I am a second year PhD student advised by James Demmel and part of the Berkeley Benchmark and Optimization (BeBOP) group.
My research interests are in parallel algorithms, high performance computing and performance modeling.
I am currently supported by a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

I graduated from Rutgers University in 2012 with majors in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. During my time at Rutgers, I worked on cloud computing research and was advised by Manish Parashar and Ivan Rodero.


Spring 2014: CS267 Applications of Parallel Computers

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University of California, Berkeley

Rutgers University

Fun Stuff

When I'm not sitting around banging on a keyboard, you'll usually find me rolling around the Bay Area on my motorcycle. I typically record my rides and on occasion edit and post them on YouTube. I also do a little bit of photography and sometimes post the decent ones on Flickr. On other days you might find me playing guitar or violin but I don't post those sessions online -- you're probably better off for it.
You can also find my (failing) attempts at creative writing and blogging on my wordpress page. For the most part my blog posts simply provide context to my photography and videography and my opinions on music and research.