Antonio Blanca

I am a fifth-year PhD student in the Theory Group at UC Berkeley, generously supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a Chancellor's Fellowship. Before coming to Berkeley, I got my B.S. in CS/Math from Georgia Tech.

I am interested in the design and analysis of randomized algorithms, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods and in the computational implications of phase transitions.

My advisor is Alistair Sinclair.

Email: ablanca (at) cs (dot) berkeley (dot) edu
Office: 635 Soda Hall, UC Berkeley

Here is my CV.


Random-Cluster Dynamics in Z^2 (with A. Sinclair)
To appear in SODA 2016

Dynamics for the mean-field random-cluster model (with A. Sinclair)
Proceedings of RANDOM 2015, pp. 528-543

Phase Coexistence and Slow Mixing for the Hard-Core Model on Z^2 (with D. Galvin, D. Randall, and P. Tetali)
Proceedings of RANDOM, 2013, pp. 379-394

On Universal Cycles for new Classes of Combinatorial Objects (with A.P. Godbole)
SIAM J. Discrete Math., 2011, 25 (4), 1832-1842


Efficient Generation ε-close to G(n,p) and Generalizations (with M. Mihail)