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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Forms
Faculty, Postdocs, Researchers and Staff
UC Berkeley Students
Electronic Funds Transfer is the quickest and most secure method for receiving reimbursement. It takes approximately 30 days after the receipt of the form before EFT is activated. For further instructions on the EFT process please click here

Travel Reimbursement Forms
Domestic Travel-- 2005, 2006
International Travel -- 2005, 2006
If you made your trip during in 2005, please use the 2005 forms. If your trip took place this year, use the 2006 forms. If you attended a conference or gave a talk, please submit a printout of the conference program or talk title with your form.

Entertainment Reimbursement Form
Please include original receipts that list the food that was ordered, list of participants, and your credit card statement to support your request.

Misc. Reimbursement Form
This form is used for reimbursement unrelated to travel or entertainment. Examples include the purchase of office supplies, books, computer equipment, etc.

Purchase Request Form
This form is used to request purchase of books, computers, supplies, conference registration fees etc. At least 2 weeks notice is necessary if you want to request payment of conference registration fees.