BAD 2006
Bay Area Day on Signals, Information, and Control

June 2, 2006

9:15am - Welcome

9:30am - Ashish Goel, "Multi-Objective Network Protocols" (Abstract)

10:00am - Anant Sahai, "Balancing Forward and Feedback Error Correction for Erasure Channels" (Abstract)

10:30am - Break

11:00am - Ramesh Johari, "Interdomain Routing: An Impossibility Theorem" (Abstract)

11:30am - Erik Ordentlich, "On the Computational Complexity of 2D Maximum Likelihood Sequence Detection" (Abstract)

12:00pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Poster session

2:30pm - David Tse, "Data and Voice over Wireless Channels: Segregated or Aggregated?" (Abstract)

3:00pm - Jose Carmena, "Emerging Directions in Brain-Machine Interfaces" (Abstract)

3:30pm - Bernd Girod, "Distributed Video Coding" (Abstract)