BAD 2006
Bay Area Day on Signals, Information, and Control

June 2, 2006
List of Posters

  • Motion-Compensated Lifted Wavelet Video Coding
    Mavlankar Aditya (Stanford)

  • Error exponents for source coding with delay
    Cheng Chang (UC Berkeley)

  • Diversity-Multiplexing Gains Tradeoff for Square-Punctured MIMO Channels
    Ming-Yang Chen and David Tse (UC Berkeley)

  • Geographic Gossip: Efficient Aggregation for Sensor Networks
    Alexandros D.G. Dimakis, Anand D. Sarwate, and Martin J. Wainwright (UC Berkeley)

  • Noisy feedback increases communication reliability
    Stark Draper and Anant Sahai(UC Berkeley)

  • Scheduling Real-Time Traffic with Deadlines over Wireless Channels
    Aditya Dua (Stanford)

  • Node Selection for Tracking in Imaging Sensor Network
    Ali O. Ercan, Abbas El Gamal, Leonidas J. Guibas (Stanford)

  • Spectrum Sharing for Unlicensed Bands
    Raul Etkin, Abhay Parekh, and David Tse (UC Berkeley)

  • An Ultra-Low Power Error Protected Standby SRAM
    Animesh Kumar, Huifang Qin, Kannan Ramchandran, and Jan M. Rabaey (UC Berkeley)

  • Relay Networks with Delays
    James Mammen and Abbas El Gamal (Stanford)

  • Computation over Multiple-Access Channels
    Bobak Naser and Michael Gastpar(UC Berkeley)

  • On optimal quantization rules in some sequential decision problems
    XuanLong Nguyen, Martin Wainwright and Michael Jordan (UC Berkeley)

  • Sequential Decoding for Anytime Communication
    Hari Palaiyanur and Anant Sahai (UC Berkeley)

  • Randomization bounds for the Gaussian arbitrarily varying channel
    Anand D. Sarwate and Michael Gastpar (UC Berkeley)

  • Compression of Encrypted Data
    Daniel Schonberg (UC Berkeley)

  • A feasibility study of VoIP over 802.11
    Teresa Tung (UC Berkeley)

  • Exploiting spatial correlation in pixel-domain distributed image compression
    David Varodayan, Anne Aaron and Bernd Girod (Stanford)

  • Vector Gaussian Multiple Description with Individual and Central Receivers
    Hua Wang (UIUC)

  • Distributed Source Coding in Video Compression and Transmission
    Jiajun Wang and Kannan Ramchandran (UC Berkeley)

  • Detecting Primary Receivers for Cognitive Radio Applications
    Ben Wild and Kannan Ramchandran (UC Berkeley)

  • Compressed Domain Real-time Action Recognition
    Chuohao Yeo, Parvez Ahammad, Kannan Ramchandran and S. Shankar Sastry (UC Berkeley)

  • Joint Routing and Rate Allocation forMultiple Video Streams in Ad Hoc Networks
    Xiaoqing Zhu, Jatinder Pal Singh and Bernd Girod (Stanford)