EECS Peers

"Peers supporting peers with grad school life."

Grad school at Berkeley is an amazing opportunity, but it can also be emotionally, psychologically, and physically exhausting.

It's easy to be overwhelmed by coursework, research, and exams. Add advisor problems, homesickness, or conflict with family to the mix and you're probably wondering how you got into Berkeley in the first place. How can others around me be so on top of things?

Grad school can throw a lot of tough problems at you, like:

EECS Peers aims to provide a private, open-minded, and supportive ear for any of these situations and to serve as a resource to other students who are navigating issues with classes, advisors, exams, stress, and conflict.

If you have a problem that's hard to address with others around you, we're happy to talk! You can reach out to any of the peers below via:

Not sure who to talk to or have other questions? Ask the the EECS Peers coordinators:

Want to talk to a faculty member instead of a peer? Contact an ombudsman or a member of the grievence council in the department.






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