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Welcome to EECS!

The mission of the EECS Department is to

Educate future leaders in academia, government, industry, and entrepreneurial pursuit, through a rigorous curriculum of theory and application that develops the ability to solve problems, individually and in teams.

Create knowledge of fundamental principles and innovative technologies, through research within the core areas of EECS and in collaboration with other disciplines, that is distinguished by its impact on academia, industry and society.

Serve the communities to which we belong, at local, national, and international levels, combined with a deep awareness of our ethical responsibilities to our profession and to society.

Letter from the Chair

David Culler, EECS Chair Berkeley's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) offers one of the strongest research and instructional programs in this field anywhere in the world. Our key strengths lie in the integration of fundamental theoretical ideas with practical applications, leading to a wide range of cross-disciplinary, collaborative projects. The integration of electrical engineering and computer science forms the core, with strong interactions that extend into biological sciences, mechanical and civil engineering, physical sciences, chemistry, mathematics, operations research, etc. Our programs have been consistently ranked in the top three nationwide and worldwide by various organizations that rank academic programs.

Each year, top students from all parts of the world are attracted to Berkeley by the excellence of the faculty, the breadth of educational opportunities in EECS and campus-wide, and the Berkeley environment. The department's close ties to industry, coupled to its commitment to engineering research and education, ensure that students get a rigorous, relevant, and broad education. Faculty members at Berkeley are committed to research and discovery at the highest level, informed and creative teaching, and the creative desire to excel. The distinction of the EECS faculty has been recognized in a long list of prestigious honors and awards, including 2 National Medals of Science, 3 ACM Turing Awards, 3 IEEE Medals of Honor, and the election of 37 faculty to the National Academy of Engineering. The Department's list of active teaching faculty members includes 7 winners of the Campus Distinguished Teaching Award.

The EECS Center for Student Affairs (CSA) plays a major role in the lives of more than 1000 undergraduate and 500 graduate  students - it offers a wide range of administrative, academic and referral services. Supplementing this institutional support for students, more than 15 EECS student organizations and over 30 campus-wide organizations support our students on their journey here at Berkeley. Finally, the diversity of our student body reflects our commitment that diversity enhances education for everyone, enriches our culture, and strengthens our economy.

David Culler
Department Chair