CS Transfer Prerequisites and Sample Programs

Applying to Berkeley as an Intended CS Major

Welcome to the University of California at Berkeley's Computer Science Division!

You have been admitted to UC Berkeley as an intended major in Computer Science. You will be able to declare Computer Science as your major when you complete your remaining technical prerequisites with a Berkeley grade point average of at least 3.0 in the 7 prerequisite courses (we expect this GPA to be increased to 3.3 for students entering Berkeley in fall 2015), and complete the application and Declaration of Major forms required by the department.

This GPA calculation only utilizes courses taken on the UC Berkeley campus.

Transfer students who are most competitive for the major have achieved an overall GPA from their community college of at least 3.5. To be minimally prepared for this major, you should have completed equivalents at least 3 of the following lower division technical prerequisites, especially Math 1A, 1B, and Math 54 at your community college.

While not a prerequisite to declare, all students must complete either EE20 or EE40 before graduation. It's recommended, when possible, that you complete an equivalent course at your institution prior to admission.

You should assume that your first semester will be spent completing technical requirements that you were unable to take at your community college. In some cases, it will take 2 semesters to do this. Since admissions decisions for this major will be based on the technical prerequisites taken at Berkeley it is important that you maximize your potential for doing well. We recommend that you take only 2 technical courses a semester. However, since you need to complete lower division requirements as soon as possible, it may be necessary to take 3 technical courses your first semester of enrollment.

There are a number of technical courses (i.e., CS61A/AS, CS61B/BL, CS61C, Math 54) offered through UC Berkeley Summer Session. If possible, it is advantageous to take one of these courses prior to entering Berkeley as a degree candidate.

The CS Division offers a minor in CS. In order to qualify, you must have declared another major and have achieved a gpa of above a 2.0 in the seven required courses required for the minor.

Sample Programs for Incoming CS Transfer Students

These sample programs for incoming transfer students help you guide your way through your years at Berkeley. Keep in mind that they are only suggested programs, used while planning your own schedule. Some courses can also be taken during Berkeley summer sessions to satisfy CS major prerequisites, thereby allowing you to apply to the major earlier. (See more information on Applying for the Major.)

   Sample Programs

Keep in mind:

  1. EE40 could have been satisfied with an introduction to electrical circuits course and calculus based physics through electricity at your community college.
  2. If you think you have waived any technical requirements based on work experience, self-knowledge, or courses taken at a 4 year college for which we have no standard equivalencies established, please contact Dan Garcia (ddgarcia@cs.berkeley.edu) or Paul Hilfinger (hilfingr@cs.berkeley.edu).

Information for Prospective L&S CS Transfers