Verification of Your Degree

  • Official Transcript: Grades from your final semester appear three to four weeks after the last day of final exams. The date of your degree will appear on your transcript approximately three months after the term in which the degree was conferred. Information about the availability of transcripts showing the degree and how to order transcripts and diplomas may be found at
  • Certificate of Completion: If you need proof that you have completed all of your requirements for the degree before your final transcript is available, you can obtain a Certificate of Completion from the College of Letters and Science, 206 Evans Hall, This certificate is available only after all grades from your final semester have been posted to your transcript.
  • Letter of Intent: If you expect to graduate at the end of the current term and need to provide verification to a third party, you may request a Letter of Intent to Graduate from the College of Letters and Science, 206 Evans Hall, You must bring with you a Completion of Major memo which you can get from the CS Advising Office in 377 Soda Hall. The Letter of Intent will be generated within 10 working days.

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