Silver Industrial Liaison Affiliates Program

The External Relations Group (XRG) of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department fosters close cooperation between industry and the Department through the Silver Industrial Liaison Affiliates Program (SILA).  This program:

  • enables quick transfer of research results to industry
  • facilitates interactions that help to focus research on problems of current interest to industry
  • enhances industry’s access to departmental publications, faculty, and students

Your company can become a SILA member by providing the EECS Department with an annual gift, commensurate with company size:

Company Size Annual Membership
More than 200 employees $12,500
51 - 200 employees $  7,500
less than 50 employees  $  3,750

For a contribution of $2000, non-members can hold a one-time recruiting event.
A company that provides a gift and/or research funding of $100,000 per year to the EECS Department, its faculty or its affiliated research centers automatically receives membership in the SILA Program.

Current SILA Members


  • BEARS (Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium)
    Each year in February XRG produces BEARS, a day-long research conference featuring a variety of informative talks and laboratory open houses offered by distinguished faculty members and advanced graduate students. By giving industry members a look at the very latest exciting work being carried out in electrical engineering and in computer sciences, BEARS promotes strong bonds between industry and the department.
  • Infosessions and interviews
    Affiliates have the exclusive privilege of hosting two recruiting events per year, such as tech talks, info sessions, and hack-a-tons. Additional events may be facilitated for $2000 each. Companies can also select a student group to partner with. Student groups will advise on talk topics, flyer design, and other necessary logistics for a successful event such as set-up, clean-up, advertisement, and place catering orders, which are billed separately to the Affliate.

  • Members enjoy the benefit of holding interviews directly in Cory or Soda Hall. Members get up to two interview days with 3 interview rooms per day. Additional interview rooms are $500 each room per day.
  • Participation in the annual Internship Open House (registration fee is included)
  • Priority invitation to the EECS Career Fair (does not include registration fee)
  • Complimentary copy of Graduate Student Resume Directory
    XRG produces an annual directory of graduate student resumes to aid recruitment efforts of member companies.
  • Invitation to attend EECS seminars
    Employees of member companies may attend EECS seminars, which are listed on our web page at
For more information please contact:

Atalie Chan
Development Coordinator
External Relations Group (XRG)
231 Cory Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776