Visiting Industrial Fellows homepage

How To Become A VIF


  • Office space for a VIF in the Department, provided at or above the conditions afforded to a senior graduate student in a research group

  • Shared secretarial support and telephone service for the VIF

  • Participation by the VIF in Department seminars and colloquia; with the instructor’s permission, opportunity to audit any class in the Department

  • Participation by the VIF as a regular member of a Department research team or group; specific research programs of mutual interest are also encouraged

  • Computer services with an individual account and network access if desired. When the VIF returns to his/her firm, s/he will have paid-up network access to the same computing systems to facilitate continued contact for a minimum six-month period

  • All Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) membership benefits

Visiting Industrial Fellows Program

We welcome you as a VIF (Visiting Industrial Fellow) to our department, and we will aid you in the process.  This program is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend one year working closely with his/her Faculty host, as well as graduate students and researchers on projects of mutual interest.  This is the most beneficial form of ‘technology transfer’ – working shoulder to shoulder.

How to get started:

  • If your company is a member of our BEECSA (Berkeley EECS Affiliates) program and one of our faculty is involved with research you find engaging, bring this to the attention of your manager, then ask permission to contact the faculty to inquire about being hosted.

Please view our Faculty List to determine which faculty you would like to collaborate with at.

The Industrial Relations Office will help you with this process, and once you have been approved, will lead you through the steps of obtaining your Visa (and that of family members). More specific details about the program can be found in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ webpage.

You will embark on a journey of research, discovery and collaboration at UC Berkeley, the greatest public University in America, on a lovely campus, in the midst of the beautiful Bay Area of California.