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(Please read the instructions below before submitting your abstract)

Abstracts are 150-200 word summaries of your research project(s). If you submitted an abstract last year and you are still working on that project, you can review it, update it if necessary.

- Your projects will be displayed on the EECS website within a few minutes of submission (at

- Your projects can be accessed by clicking on 'List Projects' at the top of the submission form. Any project can be edited.

- You must indicate the 'Project Size' (large or small) for each project. A large project typically involves multiple investigators and has major funding; a small project typically involves a single investigator or a small group of grad students.

- You must use HTML numeric character references (eg, √) to enter non-ASCII characters in text fields. This requirement includes many characters that are commonly used in formulas. If you need a source for looking up HTML character references, try

- You can use the '+' button in any table to add more rows for data entry.

- You can enter multiple research areas, if appropriate.

- You must enter all project investigators (including any faculty) in a single table. There is no separate table for Advisors. The Investigators table has separate fields for "EECS Faculty", "EECS Grad Student", and "Other Investigator". You should use one row for each investigator. You must include yourself as one of the investigators.

- Your uploaded images should have a very high resolution (350dpi for print copy).

- You may include links to other research-related web pages. You may use HTML tags within your text.

Due to time and budget constraints we no longer do extensive editing of abstracts. Please check abstracts for typos and spelling errors before submitting. Projects can be edited as needed after the initial submission.

For further questions, comments, and feedback: email ilpbook@eecs or call 643-6685.

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