Scanning Microscopy Probe for Nanomechanical Resonators*

Xuchun Liu1
(Professor Jeffrey Bokor)
Integrated Microwatt Transceivers

This project is one part of a large project named Integrated Microwatt Transceivers launched this summer at BSAC at UC Berkeley. The aim of the whole project is to do the research on the architecture, circuit design, and fabrication technologies for integrated transceivers that exploit the analog signal processing capabilities of banks of nanomechanical filters. The requirements for the nanomechanical filter banks are to have an insertion loss of less than a few dB and a Q on the order of 10,000 in the carrier frequency range, which is 1-2 GHz in the near term and 5-10 GHz or higher in the future wireless sensor networks. The purpose of our project is to characterize the nanomechanical resonators by interferometer or atomic force microscope (AFM) combined with optical actuation.The result we got so far is the measurement by AFM of the out-of-plane movement of the film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) around its resonant frequency, i.e., 1.96 GHz.

Figure 1: Picture of the AFM setup
1Graduate Student (non-EECS), Cornell University

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