An Overlay Policy Protocol for Wide Area Routing

Sharad Agarwal and Chen-Nee Chuah1
(Professor Randy H. Katz)

An increasing number of ASes have been connecting to the Internet through the BGP inter-domain routing protocol. With increasing stress on the scale of this system and increasing reliance on Internet connectivity, more participants want additional functionality from inter-domain routing that BGP was not designed to handle. For example, we believe that the recent trend toward multihomed stub networks exhibits an intent to achieve fault tolerant and load balanced connectivity to the Internet. However, BGP today offers route fail-over times as long as 15 minutes, and very limited control over incoming traffic across multiple wide area paths. More research literature and the news media are calling for stemming malicious or erroneous routing announcements. We propose a policy control architecture, OPCA, that runs as an overlay network on top of BGP. OPCA will allow ASes to negogiate and apply policy changes to routing that address these issues. The proposed architecture and protocol will co-exist and interact with the existing routing infrastructure and will allow for a scalable rollout of the protocol.

1Professor, UC Davis

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