Vision-based Detection of Autonomous Vehicles for Pursuit-Evasion Games

Rene Vidal
(Professor S. Shankar Sastry)
(ONR) N00014-00-1-0621

We present a vision-based algorithm for the detection of multiple autonomous vehicles for a pursuit-evasion game scenario. Our algorithm computes estimates of the poses of multiple moving evaders from visual information collected by multiple moving pursuers, without previous knowledge of the segmentation of the image measurements or the number of moving evaders. We evaluate our algorithm in pursuit-evasion games with unmanned ground and aerial vehicles.

Figure 1: A pursuit-evasion game with two ground and one aerial pursuer and one ground evader.

R. Vidal and S. Sastry, "Vision-based Detection of Autonomous Vehicles for Pursuit-Evasion Games," IFAC World Congress on Automatic Control, Barcelona, Spain, July 2002.

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