A Factorization Method for Multibody Motion Estimation and Segmentation

Rene Vidal and Stefano Soatto1
(Professor S. Shankar Sastry)
(ONR) N00014-00-1-0621

We study the problem of estimating the motion of independently moving objects observed by a moving perspective camera. We show that infinitesimal image measurements corresponding to independent motions lie on orthogonal six-dimensional subspaces of a higher-dimensional linear space. We propose a factorization algorithm that estimates the number of independent motions, the segmentation of the image points, and the motion of each object relative to the camera from a set of image points and their optical flows in multiple frames. We evaluate the proposed algorithm on synthetic and real image sequences.

Figure 1: Segmentation of two independent motions: the camera and the car.

R. Vidal, S. Soatto, and S. Sastry, "A Factorization Method for Multibody Motion Estimation and Segmentation," Allerton Conf., Monticello, IL, October 2002.
1Professor, University of California at Los Angeles

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