Resource Management in IP Telephony Networks

Matthew Caesar and Dipak Ghosal1
(Professor Randy H. Katz)

To provide good QoS to calls and maximize network resource utilization in IP Telephony networks, it is necessary to design a differentiated service architecture that includes call admission and call redirection policies. In this work, we first study a call admission policy based on congestion sensitive pricing. The scheme uses congestion pricing to preferentially admit users who place a higher value on making a call while simultaneously maintaining a high utilization of IP Telephony Gateway (ITG) voice ports. Second, we design a call redirection policy to select the best ITG to serve the call. The policy balances load to improve network efficiency and incorporates QoS sensitivity to improve call quality. We present a performance study of the call admission and the redirection policies using both analytical and simulation models. The techniques studied in this paper can be combined into a single resource management solution that can improve network resource utilization, provide differentiated service, and maximize provider revenue.

1Professor, UC Davis

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