Livenotes: A Collaborative Note-Taking Application

Matthew Kam
(Professor John F. Canny)
Center for Innovative Learning Technologies

Livenotes is a collaborative note-taking Java program that runs on handheld wireless tablets. Using the shared whiteboard medium integral to Livenotes, students can record and annotate one another's lecture notes on their respective tablets in real time.

We are developing Livenotes to facilitate peer learning within small groups of students in conventional classrooms, because small group learning is a proven pedagogical method for enhancing student attention, participation, and understanding [1].

The next steps in our research are to:

(1) Introduce more user-interface affordances and features;

(2) Migrate from client-server to peer-to-peer;

(2) Deploy in additional class settings; and

(3) Evaluate the learning effectiveness that arises from using Livenotes (both qualitative and quantitative).

Livenotes is undertaken in collaboration with Daniel Glaser, Alastair Iles, Edwin Mach, Ian Wang, and Hailing Xu, under the supervision of Professor John Canny. A Spring 2003 deployment will be carried out in collaboration with Professors Ellen Do and Mark Gross at the University of Washington, Seattle. Orna Tarshish is a past contributor.

A. Iles, D. Glaser, M. Kam, and J. Canny, "Learning via Distributed Dialogue: Livenotes and Handheld Wireless Technology," Proc. Conf. Computer Support for Collaborative Learning, January 2002.

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