Lattice Codes for Amplified Direct-Detection Optical Systems

Wei Mao
(Professor Joseph M. Kahn)
(DARPA) DAAH01-00-C-008

In this project, we study the theory of lattice code shaping and nonequiprobable signaling for optical systems. Previous work has established results for coherent detection systems [1] and direct-detection systems without amplifiers [2].

Our work focuses on the theory of shaping and nonequiprobable signaling for amplified direct-detection systems. In such systems, the intensity-modulated signals are corrupted by the signal-spontaneous emission beat noise, which is proportional to the signal intensity.

G. D. Forney and L. Wei, "Multidimensional Constellations--Part I: Introduction, Figures of Merit, and Generalized Cross Constellations," IEEE J. Selected Areas in Communications, Vol. 7, No. 6, August 1989.
D. Shiu and J. M. Kahn, "Shaping and Nonequiprobable Signaling for Intensity-Modulated Signals," IEEE Trans. Information Theory, Vol. 45, November 1999.

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