Distributed Program Sampling

Ben Liblit and Alice Zheng
(Professor Alexander Aiken)
(DOE) W-7405-ENG-48, (NASA) NAG2-1210, (NSF) EIA-9802069, (NSF) CCR-0085949, and (NSF) ACI-9619020

We propose a sampling infrastructure for gathering information about software from the set of runs experienced by its user community. We show how to gather random samples with very low overhead for users, and we also show how to make use of the information we gather. We present two example applications: sharing the overhead of assertions, and using statistical analysis of a large number of sampled runs to help isolate the location of a bug.

B. Liblit, A. Aiken, and A. X. Zheng, "Distributed Program Sampling" (in preparation).

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