OverQoS: Offering QoS in the Internet

Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Ion Stoica1, Hari Balakrishnan2, and Randy Katz3
(Professor Randy H. Katz)

We propose OverQoS, an architecture for providing Internet QoS using overlay networks. OverQoS empowers third-party providers to offer enhanced network services to their customers using the notion of a controlled loss virtual link (CLVL). The CLVL abstraction bounds the loss-rate experienced by the overlay traffic in order to eliminate the unexpected losses due to cross traffic in the underlying network.

We build a CLVL abstraction along every overlay link and treat all flows traversing the link as part of a bundle. OverQoS uses specific scheduling policies at the overlay nodes to distribute the available bandwidth and the loss amongst the competing flows in a bundle. We show that OverQoS can provide differential rate allocations, statistical bandwidth and loss assurances, and enable explicit-rate congestion control algorithms.

2Professor, MIT

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