Connexions: DSP Education for a Networked World

Julius Kusuma1 and Richard G. Baraniuk2
(Professor Kannan Ramchandran)

Connexions is a new approach to authoring, teaching, and learning that aims to fully exploit modern information technology. Available free of charge to anyone under open-content and open-source licenses, Connexions offers custom-tailored, current course material, is adaptable to a wide range of learning styles, and encourages students to explore the links among courses and disciplines.

In contrast to the traditional process of textbook writing and publishing, Connexions fosters world-wide, cross-institution communities of authors, instructors, and students, who collaboratively and dynamically fashion "modules" from which the courses are constructed.

We believe the ideas and philosophy embodied by Connexions have a potential that is pedagogically sound, both time and cost efficient, and fun.

R. G. Baraniuk, J. Kusuma, K. Ramchandran, et al., "Connexions: DSP Education for a Networked World," Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing, Orlando, FL, May 2002.
2Professor, Rice University

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