Thin Silicon Nitride Layers for Abrupt Junctions

Katherine Buchheit
(Professor Tsu-Jae King)

I propose that ultra-thin silicon nitride films be used to create abrupt junctions between n-type and p-type regions in microelectronic devices. These films should block unwanted boron diffusion. With a thickness of around 1 nm, the nitride layers should also be thin enough to allow charge carriers to tunnel through, thus causing minimal impact on electrical characteristics.

Two experimental stages will be necessary in order to determine whether silicon nitride can be a diffusion barrier to boron while allowing charge carriers to tunnel. First it will be necessary to find the fabrication parameters that will produce an ultra-thin silicon nitride film which blocks boron diffusion. Then it will be essential to optimize the electrical behavior of a device which has a nitride layer between its n- and p-regions.

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