Liquid: Context-Aware Distributed Queries

Alan Newberger, Christopher Beckmann, Jeffrey Heer, and Jason I. Hong
(Professors Anind Dey, James A. Landay, and Jennifer Mankoff)
(NSF) IIS-0205644

Context-aware computing is an effort to use sensed attributes of an environment to provide enriched support for activities. For example, an application might provide relevant services based upon your location or the identity of your companions. As low-level architectural support for context-aware computing matures [1,2], we are ready to explore more general and powerful means of access to context data. Information required by a context-aware application may be spread across a number of different repositories, partitioned by any number of physical, organizational, or privacy boundaries. What is needed is a mechanism for context-aware applications to issue context-based queries without having to explicitly manage the complex storage layout and access policies of the underlying data.

To address this need, we are developing Liquid, a distributed query processing system intended to both simplify and enhance the next generation of context-aware applications. Liquid will allow applications to issue long-standing queries in a simple declarative language and to monitor continuously changing query results. Our system is targeted at supporting two primary features: (1) continuous (persistent) queries sensitive to the dynamic nature of context (e.g., issuer changes location), and (2) queries with approximate results, where result substitutions can be made by exploiting relationships between repositories (e.g., a floor's temperature data is substituted for missing room temperature data). It is our hope that the Liquid system will provide a solid base for building advanced context-aware applications.

A. K. Dey, D. Salber, and G. D. Abowd, "A Conceptual Framework and a Toolkit for Supporting the Rapid Prototyping of Context-Aware Applications," Human-Computer Interaction Journal, Vol. 16, No. 2-4, 2001.
J. I. Hong and J. A. Landay, "An Infrastructure Approach to Context-Aware Computing," Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 16, No.2-4, 2001.

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