List of Abstracts for S. Shankar Sastry

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

Dealing with "Intelligent" Adversaries Adonis Antoniades
Attitude Stabilization for a Micromechanical Flying Insect via Ocelli Output Feedback Luca Schenato
Virtual Insect Flight Simulator (VIFS) Luca Schenato
Xinyan Deng
Wei-Chung Wu
Vision-based Landing of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Omid Shakernia
Hoam Chung
David Shim
Ron Tal
Multi-Body Motion Estimation and Segmentation from Multiple Central Panoramic Views Omid Shakernia
Rene Vidal
Omnidirectional Vision-based Distributed Formation Control Rene Vidal
Omid Shakernia
Structure from Planar Motions with Small Baselines Rene Vidal
John Oliensis
A Factorization Method for Multibody Motion Estimation and Segmentation Rene Vidal
Stefano Soatto
Generalized Principal Component Analysis (GPCA) Rene Vidal
Yi Ma
Two-View Multibody Structure from Motion Rene Vidal
Yi Ma
Stefano Soatto
Segmentation of Dynamic Scenes from Image Intensities Rene Vidal
Observability and Identifiability of Linear Hybrid Systems Rene Vidal
Alessandro Chiuso
Stefano Soatto
Segmentation of Dynamic Scenes Rene Vidal
Yi Ma
Stefano Soatto
Polynomial Segmentation: An Analytic Solution to Eigenvector Segmentation Rene Vidal
Aaron Ames
Vision-based Detection of Autonomous Vehicles for Pursuit-Evasion Games Rene Vidal
Kalman Filter in Lossy Networks Bruno Sinopoli
Luca Schenato
Distributed Algorithms for Pursuit Evasion Games Luca Schenato
Bruno Sinopoli
Building a Navigation Framework for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Bruno Sinopoli
Mario Micheli
A Geometric Theory of Non-Local Two-Qubit Operations Jun Zhang
Jiri Vala
K. Birgitta Whaley
(19 abstracts total)