List of Abstracts for Norman Tien

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

Design of a Smart Universal Game Board Xuchun Liu
Tunable Inductors and Transformers Utilizing Electro-Thermal Vibromotors Wen-Pin Shih
Zhihong Li
Corona MEMS for Wide Study Area Air Particulate Monitoring Beelee Chua
Zhihong Li
Biomimetic Directional Microphone Diaphragm Kyutae Yoo
Minimally Invasive MEMS-based Optical Coherence Tomography for In-Vivo Imaging Daniel T. McCormick
RF Dielectric Fluid Immersed Silicon MEMS Tunable Capacitors Daniel T. McCormick
Dr. Zhihong Li
A Variable Inductor Array Using Lateral-Contact Microrelays Ye Wang
Integration of MEMS and PLC Components for Telecommunication Systems J Provine
Shun Yao
(8 abstracts total)