List of Abstracts for Liwei Lin --ME

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

Selective Induction Heating and Bonding Andrew Cao
Integration of NEMS and MEMS by Localized Growth of Nanowires Ongi Englander
High Frequency MEMS Resonator for Wireless Communication Applications Ki Bang Lee
Steve Ryder
Disposal Microbattery for MEMS Devices Ki Bang
Firas Sammoura
Integrated Electrochemical Assay for Glucose/Lactate Detection Kwok-Siong Teh
Low Temperature Fabrication of Nickel Composite Film for MEMS Applications Kwok-Siong Teh
MEMS Sensor for Hard Disk Glide Test Jongbaeg Kim
Ultrasonic Bonding for MEMS Hermetic Packaging and Assembly Jongbaeg Kim
Mu Chiao
Micro Encapsulation Processes for Fluids Sha Li
Water-Powered Micropumps for Bioassay and Drug Delivery Systems Yu-Chuan Su
Reverse Capillary Action Constant Pressure Accumulation Device Eric Hobbs
Micromachined Microbial Fuel Cells Mu Chiao
Kien B. Lam
MEMS Strain Gauge on Steel: Testing Localized Silicon-Steel Bonds Ted Prescop
(13 abstracts total)