List of Abstracts for Lotfi A. Zadeh

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

Soft Computing Techniques for Information Retrieval Andreas Nürnberger
Hierarchical Recurrent Neuro-Fuzzy Systems Andreas Nürnberger
Fuzzy Maximum Intensity Projection (FMIP) in Medical Image Diagnosis Yutaka Hata
Fuzzy Query and Ranking with Application to Search Engines Masoud Nikravesh
Fuzzy Conceptual Matching: Tool for Intelligent Knowledge Management and Discovery in the Internet Masoud Nikravesh
Tool for Intelligent Knowledge Management and Discovery (TIKManD); Terrorism and Criminal Activity Recognition Masoud Nikravesh
The BISC Initiative: CW-CTP-PNL-PDA Masoud Nikravesh
The BISC Initiative: The Stanford-Berkeley Initiative (BISC-SCRF); Intelligent Reservoir Modeling for Optimized Asset Management Decision Making Masoud Nikravesh
Jef Caers
Andre G. Journel
Dr. Bahram Parvin
Dr. Fred Aminzadeh
The BISC Initiative: The BISC Decision Support System Masoud Nikravesh
Dr. Bahram Parvin
The BISC Initiative: Fuzzy Logic and the Internet (FLINT); Perception based Information Processing and Analysis Masoud Nikravesh
Dr. Bahram Parvin
A Syllable, Articulatory-Feature, and Stress-Accent Model of Speech Recognition and Its Applications Shuangyu Chang
Precisiated Natural Language--Toward a Radical Enlargement of the Role of Natural Languages in Information Processing, Decision, and Control
Toward a Perception-based Theory of Probabilistic Reasoning with F-Granular Probability Distributions
Toward a Computational Theory of Perceptions
What Is Fuzzy Logic and What Are Its Applications?
Crossing into Uncharted Territory—The Concept of Approximate X
Standard Probability Theory Does not Have the Capability to Deal with Perception-based Information--the Robert Example
Perception-based Decision Analysis (PDA)
Toward a Theory of Hierarchical Definability (THD)--Causality is Undefinable
Intractability Principle and the Concept of Z-Hardness
A New Direction in Decision Analysis
Computing with Words and Perceptions--A Paradigm Shift in Computing and Decision Analysis
A Prototype-Centered Approach to Adding Deduction Capability to Search Engines--The Concept of Protoform
In Quest of Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems—A Challenge that Cannot be Met with Existing Methods
It is a Fundamental Limitation to Base Probability Theory on Bivalent Logic
(25 abstracts total)