List of Abstracts for Kannan Ramchandran

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

VISDOM: Video Streaming Using Distributed Encoding over Multiple Servers Abhik Majumdar
Rohit Puri
Distributed Compression of Correlated Audio Sources Abhik Majumdar
Multimedia Distribution over Wireless Networks Abhik Majumdar
Denoising via Recursive Wavelet Thresholding Alyson Fletcher
Distributed Sampling for Sensor Networks Animesh Kumar
Prakash Ishwar
List Viterbi Decoding with Continuous Error Detection for Inter-Symbol Interference Channels Dragan Petrovic
Data Funneling: Routing with Aggregation and Compression for Wireless Sensor Networks Dragan Petrovic
Rahul Shah
Tracking and Exploiting Correlations in Dense Sensor Networks Dragan Petrovic
Jim Chou
Multimedia Error Concealment by Projection onto Convex Sets (POCS) based Methods Andrew Cheng
Rohit Puri
LDPC Codes Can Approach the Slepian Wolf Bound for General Binary Sources Daniel Schonberg
Sandeep Pradhan
Rate-Constrained Robust Estimation for Unreliable Sensor Networks Prakash Ishwar
Rohit Puri
S. Sandeep Pradhan
Audio Data Hiding with Application to Surround Sound Jim Chou
Dan Sachs
Doug Jones
William Wu
Hansen Bow
Turbo Coded Trellis-based Constructions for Channel Coding with Side Information Jim Chou
S. Sandeep Pradhan
Connexions: DSP Education for a Networked World Julius Kusuma
Richard G. Baraniuk
High-Resolution Acquisition Methods for Wideband Communication Systems Irena Maravic
Compression of Encrypted Data Mark Johnson
Multi-User Successive Refinement Sandeep Pradhan
Duality between MIMO Source and Channel Coding Sandeep Pradhan
Duality between Source and Channel Coding Sandeep Pradhan
Jim Chou
n-Channel Multiple Descriptions: Theory and Constructions Rohit Puri
S. Sandeep Pradhan
Seamless Digital Upgrade of Analog Transmission Systems Using Coding with Side Information Rohit Puri
Sandeep Pradhan
Capacity of Multiple Antenna Gaussian Broadcast Channel at High SNR Vinod Prabhakaran
Compression for Microarray Images Wei Wang
Bin Yu
(23 abstracts total)