List of Abstracts for Jean Walrand

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

An Extension of Shortest-Path Algorithms and Their Properties Antonis Dimakis
Eliminating the Free Rider in Peer to Peer Networks Eric Chi
Efficient Algorithm and Infrastructure for Managing Protection Paths in a Network Rajarshi Gupta
Eric Chi
Optimal Calculation of Backup Paths in a Network, to Accommodate Dynamic Traffic Demands Rajarshi Gupta
Dynamic Provision of Service Level Agreements between Interconnected Networks Linhai He
Game Theoretic Modeling of the Exchange between Wireless Access Provider and Paying User John Musacchio
Providing Quality of Service over an Ad Hoc Wireless Network Eduardo Magana
Daniel Morato
Hoi-Sheung Wilson So
William Hodge
Providing QoS for VoIP Teresa Tung
(8 abstracts total)