List of Abstracts for Jan M. Rabaey

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

Distributed Topology Control in Ad Hoc Radio Networks Chunlong Guo
Low-Power RF Transceiver for Wireless Sensor Nodes Brian P. Otis
Modeling and Analysis of the Data Link Layer in Wireless Sensor Networks Lizhi Charlie Zhong
Data Funneling: Routing with Aggregation and Compression for Wireless Sensor Networks Dragan Petrovic
Rahul Shah
Link Layer Strategies for PicoNode En-Yi Lin
PicoRadio Protocol Implementation and Analysis on the PicoRadio Test Bed Fred Burghardt
Johnathan Reason
Hugo Shi
Reto Stutz
Mark Feng
Reliable VLSI Design in the Nanometer Regime Huifang Qin
Ruth Wang
Localization in Sensor Networks Jana van Greunen
Implementation of DLL Layer for PicoNode3 Jie Zhou
Algorithms and VLSI Implementations of Low Power Digital Baseband Timing Recovery Systems for Wireless Communications M. Josie Ammer
Power Management for Low-Power Sensor Nodes Michael Sheets
Low Energy Ad Hoc Networking for PicoRadio Rahul C. Shah
A Low Power Low Noise Amplifier for Wireless Sensor Nodes Richard Lu
Simulation and Analysis of a Low-Power Radio Link for Sensor Node Networks Ulrich Schuster
Hierarchical Power Management for Low-power Reactive Heterogeneous Communication systems Suet-Fei Li
Implementation of a Locationing Engine for Low Power Sensor Nodes Tufan Karalar
(16 abstracts total)