List of Abstracts for James A. Landay

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

Multimodal, Multi-Device Prototyping Using Programming by Illustration Anoop Sinha
The Designersí Outpost: A Tangible Interface for Collaborative Web Site Design Katherine Everitt
Scott Klemmer
Robert Lee
Privacy-Sensitive Infrastructure Support for Context-Awareness Jason I. Hong
Chris Beckmann
Jeff Heer
Xiaodong Jiang
Alan Newberger
Liquid: Context-Aware Distributed Queries Alan Newberger
Christopher Beckmann
Jeffrey Heer
Jason I. Hong
Damask: Supporting Early-Stage Multi-Device UI Design Using Patterns James Lin
DENIM: Finding a Tighter Fit between Tools and Practice for Web Site Design James Lin
Mark Newman
Yang Li
Marc Ringuette
Insight: Tool Support for User-Centered Ubicomp Prototyping and Evaluation Alan Liu
Peter Khooshabeh
Books with Voices: Paper Transcripts as a Tangible Interface to Oral Histories Scott R. Klemmer
Jamey Graham
Gregory J. Wolff
From Data to Display: The Design and Evaluation of a Peripheral Sound Display for the Deaf Wai-ling Ho-Ching
(9 abstracts total)