List of Abstracts for Edward A. Lee

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

Soft Walls: Modifying Flight Control Systems to Limit the Flight Space of Commercial Aircraft. Adam Cataldo
Xiaojun Liu
Zhongning Chen
CAL: A Novel Actor Language Joern Janneck
Chris Chang
Yang Zhao
TinyGALS: A Programming Model for Event-driven Embedded Systems Elaine Cheong
Jie Liu
Ptplot--A Java 2D Signal Plotter Christopher Hylands
Ptolemy II--Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java Adam Cataldo
Chris Chang
Elaine Cheong
Christopher Hylands
Edward A. Lee
Xiaojun Liu
Steve Neuendorffer
Claudius Ptolemaeus
John Reekie
Mary P. Stewart
James Yeh
Yang Zhao
Haiyang Zheng
Ye Zhou
Study of Synchronous Dataflow Haiyang Zheng
Lightweight Component Models for Embedded Systems H. John Reekie
An Actor-Oriented Framework for Distributed Software Systems Xiaojun Liu
Yang Zhao
Copernicus: Generating Code from Polymorphic Components and Heterogenous Models Stephen Neuendorffer
Christopher Hylands
Component-based Design for Wireless Networked Systems Ye Zhou
(10 abstracts total)