List of Abstracts for Borivoje Nikolic

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

Data Handling Architecture for Maskless Lithography Systems Benny Warlick
LMS Adaptive Digital Background Calibration of Pipelined A/D Converters Yun Chiu
Cheongyuen (Bill) Tsang
Abhishek Somani
Energy-Delay Tradeoffs in Combinational Logic Using Gate Sizing and Supply Voltage Optimization Dejan Markovic
List Viterbi Decoding with Continuous Error Detection for Inter-Symbol Interference Channels Dragan Petrovic
Architectures for Joint Iterative Decoding Algorithms Edward Liao
Simple Parameter Extraction for Short Channel FET Current and Delay Models Joshua Garrett
Optimal Control of Supply and Threshold Voltages for Variable-Throughput Systems Fujio Ishihara
Joshua Garrett
Robustness in High-Speed Circuit Design Socrates Vamvakos
Architectures and VLSI Implementations of High Throughput of Iterative Decoders Engling Yeo
Power-Area-Delay Tradeoffs for CMOS Arithmetic Circuits Radu Zlatanovici
(10 abstracts total)