List of Abstracts for Avideh Zakhor

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

Fast, Automated 3D Model Reconstruction for Urban Environments Christian Frueh
Interactive Visualization of Large, Detailed City Models Ali Lakhia
Louie Lu
Chris Frueh
Detecting Congestion in the Presence of Wireless Channel Error Using Active Probing Minghua Chen
Hole Filling in Images Siddharth Jain
Far Range Modeling Techniques for Urban Models Parvez Ahammad
Efficient Video Streaming over TCP Puneet Mehra
Effective Bandwidth based Rate-Distortion Optimization in Scalable Video Streaming Sang H. Kang
Distributed Media Streaming Thinh Nguyen
Data Handling Architectures and Algorithms for Maskless Lithography Vito Dai
Reliable Video Streaming over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Wei Wei
(10 abstracts total)