List of Abstracts for Anind Dey

The EECS Research Summary for 2003

Tangible Instant Messaging Gaurav Bhalotia
Anthony Gagliano
Elizabeth Yang
Margaret Yau
Ambient Display of Healthy City Information Morgan Ames
Chinmayi Bettadapur
Context-Aware Word Prediction Jeffrey Heer
Liquid: Context-Aware Distributed Queries Alan Newberger
Christopher Beckmann
Jeffrey Heer
Jason I. Hong
Everyday Privacy Management in Ubiquitous Computing Scott Lederer
Christopher Beckmann
Karen Teng
Insight: Tool Support for User-Centered Ubicomp Prototyping and Evaluation Alan Liu
Peter Khooshabeh
Toolkit Support for Ambient Displays Scott Carter
Tara Matthews
Ambient Display Evaluation Tara Matthews
Scott Carter
Edward De Guzman
Morgan Ames
Chinmayi Bettadapur
Gary Hsieh
Mira Sutijono
Prototyping Tools for Context-Aware Applications Tim Sohn
Alan Newberger
(9 abstracts total)