Architectures for Joint Iterative Decoding Algorithms

Edward Liao
(Professor Borivoje Nikolic)

This research focuses on architectures and algorithms' iterative decoders for error correction codes. Iterative decoding algorithms for turbo codes and low-density parity check (LDPC) codes have recently been discovered to achieve performance close to theoretical capacity bounds. These algorithms are based on message passing between modules using soft-input-soft-output decoding.

Currently, some of the decoders that have been implemented in silicon are often based on algorithms that are serial in nature. Algorithms needed to decode convolutional codes or partial response channels, such as the BCJR algorithm and soft-output Viterbi algorithm are some examples. In many applications, such as magnetic recording, a source and channel decoder are necessary for decoding. While a parallel LDPC decoder can now be used for outer source decoding, channel decoding becomes the bottleneck in the system.

We investigate parallel descriptions of algorithms previously described serially. With the increasing number of transistors available on a single chip, it is now possible to investigate direct implementation of these parallel algorithms. As an example, this research investigates joint MAP and LDPC decoding algorithms and their implementations on a single chip.

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