Ambient Display of Healthy City Information

Morgan Ames1 and Chinmayi Bettadapur2
(Professors Anind Dey and Jennifer Mankoff)

Healthy cities ambient display is a project where we will design a public ambient display to be put in a busy plaza, public transportation center, or a market that shows the "health” of the city as characterized by various statistics. Ambient displays are ubiquitous computing devices that give a continuous stream of information in a peripheral, non-obtrusive way. We have interviewed and surveyed a number of Berkeley residents to gain a better understanding of what they think a “healthy” city is. From these responses, we will create a display that will monitor the status of information sources relevant to the health of the city, and display this information to the residents of Berkeley.

1Undergraduate (EECS)
2Undergraduate (EECS)

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